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    Revision: LoM v1.2.2a Errata (List of Known Issues)
    Release Date: February 4th 2018
    List Size: 147 issues known

    Before submitting bugs for League of Maidens please look over the errata to verify that the bug you are submitting has not already been logged. If your issue has not yet been reported please click the following link to report the bug in our bug forum. If you wish to see a list of resolved issues for v1.2.2a please click the following link to view the 1.2.2a release notes

    Errata List: League of Maidens v1.2.2 Alpha

    1 – UI does not update correctly when all weekly challenges are completed

    2 – Daily challenge text does not update from Bronze to Silver to Gold.

    3 – If multiple Daily Challenge rewards are available claiming them one after another too quickly will cause the reward to not register.

    4 – UI does not update correctly when all daily achievements (Bronze, Silver, Gold) are completed.

    5 – Using the laugh expression will disconnect the head from the body.

    6 – Melee Assist causes the player to be pulled back torwards the target during flash dash.

    7 – Model A idle pose 1 causes the war maiden to use the wrong walking/running animation.

    8 – Moving while transforming can cause control lockups.

    9 – Transforming under water can cause control lockups.

    10 – The grabbing mechanism is completely broken.

    11 – Going into fly mode or transforming while on the launcher can cause control problems.

    12 – Opening camera sometimes does not show the Netherian League Name UI.

    13 – Beauty mode needs to have 2 stages. The third stage should hide the aiming target, damage data and the mission timer.

    14 – Configuration settings needs a checkbox to hide ‘Mission Timer’ in mission mode.

    15 – High resolution wing textures are not loading in battle mode. Could be broken in mission mode as well.

    16 – A floating sword will sometimes appear in character customization.

    17 – Need to add controls to replay the skills preview video.

    18 – Skills preview video is warped. The correct ratio should be used.

    19 – Helll Storm should be listed before Dragon Summon and Titan Summon fo the Conjurer class.

    20 – Selecting an element UI needs to be cleaned up.

    21 – Using the C key to tag enemies breaks melee assist. Tagging should only provide a visual indicator.

    22 – “Find a Match” button should be changed to launch the “Global Rank” interface in the world map.

    23 – Loading screen progress bar needs to be added.

    24 – Effects when loading .bpt files need to be cleaned up.

    25 – Scroll zoom sensitivity needs to be increased by 50% when in giant form.

    26 – Dying in giant form causes the body to glitch.

    27 – Planes do not explode into pieces when destroying them in mission mode.

    28 – Base ball slide function needs a cancel to prevent breaking forward momentum.

    29 – Tag Target key should be moved to Z key and revive/execute should be moved to the C key. UI mouse indicator needs to be updated to a C key indicator. Keybinds need to be updated as well.

    30 – Jets are harder to destroy in mission mode then tanks. Jets should have the same HP as tanks.

    31 – Pose3D saving scene does not save camera data. Position. Rotation, Lens Zoom etc…

    32 – Auto-hide wing option simliar to auto hide weapons should be added and disabled by default.

    33 – Make SP balance specific to each league.

    34 – Emote names in the drop down list in character customization should match the names in the shop.

    35 – Hiding UI in mission mode with the checkbox from the configuration panel is broken.

    36 – Character customization interface does not reset the war maidens rotation on entry.

    37 – If you have zero asset level for one of your assets then click on the MAP button then click YES it opens up the mission panel instead of the Map page.

    38 – Add UI and function for + to take screenshot and save to Screenshot folder.

    39 – Water in Greek stage does not work.

    40 – Change the UI at the end of match complete to say GOLD instead of coins.

    41 – Need to add a reset button for the Sky and Environment Lighting panel in Pose3D.

    42 – Get more premium items button in Pose3D does not lead to the shop it leads to the homepage.

    43 – Disable Show Weapon, Show Shield and Show Wing by default.

    44 – Add seperate lines for each item in the Pose3D help guide making it is easier to read.

    45 – Add Show/Hide character checkbox to Pose3D allowing the user to show and hide the a war maiden.

    46 – If you get hit by a fireball or an attack while you are casting a large projectile Q attack your large projectile attack may disappear.

    47 – Add a button to copy current tab settings (like face tab or body tab) and another button to copy or paste to another form or war maiden.

    48 – Change ‘Outfits’ tab and category in the shop to ‘Outfit Skins’.

    49 – When you click the ‘CLAIM’ button in the Leveling guide the UI scrolls automatically.

    50 – 2v2 and 3v3 VS Screen selecton sometimes does not select the correct war maidens for battle mode.

    51 – 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 graphics for the VS Screen look horrible.

    52 – Hightlight of selected category in shop not working for new tabs.

    53 – Dead War Maidens should not be able to pick up the Mecha Buff.

    54 – M2 shooting should stop during sprint running transition animations. Stopping/Switching directions.

    55 – Reduce volume end of match mission mode.

    56 – List Slow Motion X key in keybinds.

    57 – Flash Dash effect is way too bright especially in beauty mode.

    58 – Desert stage causes the swimming animation if you go below water level eventhough there is no water.

    59 – Palm trees in Greek stage are low quality.

    60 – Scrolling up on Body character customization settings the text goes behind the category icons.

    61 – Mini-map on desert stage is broken. Greek stage needs a map.

    62 – Player swims above water.

    63 – Left/Right arrows should be hidden in homepage red button while in shop.

    64 – Mech drop airship model needs to be replaced.

    65 – Mission 2 and 3 segments have gaps where they are connected.

    66 – Music needs to stay low for character selection for mission mode if mission briefing audio is playing.

    67 – Soldier Mark III texture does not dynamically load.

    68 – AI sometimes gets into a never ending melee or large projectile loop.

    69 – Shield does not grow in size with war maiden during SIZE MATTERS skill. ***Check wings, horns, glasses, tongue, everything else.***

    70 – Action camera is always enabled by default after being revised. Remove action camera setting.

    71 – Size matters should be disabled during indoor mission mode segements.

    72 – UI needs to be presented during black screen in between scenes.

    73 – Long delay when switching from one league to another on the homepage.

    74 – Large shop photos present incorrect/low resolution images.

    75 – New idle pose needs to have the feet placement adjusted to prevent leaning to the right.

    76 – Respawn after death in mission should trigger the same perks as respawn in moba mode.

    77 – Training game world visuals needs to have the environment synced with post processing etc…

    78 – Melee auto target should only consider a target behind you if there are no targets in front of you. Even if the target in front is farther away then the target behind you.

    79 – Remove Melee Assist and Melee slide settings. They are no longer valid.

    80 – Add new greece stage into random selection for Greece, Italy, St. Martin, St. Lucia, St. Barts, Fiji, French Polynesia, Maldives.

    81 – Earn 100/300 XP points in battle achievement seems to have bugs.

    82 – Leveling guide notification should not be a red bubble it should be the button glowing. Also it should only glow when there is a prize to claim. Not a new level unlocked.

    83 – Change armored horses Guaridan Level unlock to 13.

    84 – Switch Horse and Wings Guardian Level unlock values.

    85 – After the match kill count for the soldiers seems to be bugged.

    86 – Dead Body with wings, shield and sword keeps bouncing around.

    87 – When you are in the crouch position and shoot weak projectile player should stand up.

    88 – Warship turrets no longer attack.

    89 – War Maidens AI hops up in the air at the start of ready stage.

    90 – Add new melee combos to War Maiden AI.

    91 – Going into the water should cause Size Matters to cancel.

    92 – Weak Projectile comes out of wrong hand while gliding.

    93 – Sometimes turrets do not spark under the correct conditions.

    94 – The head angle is too extreme during sprint grabbing.

    95 – Rising from the water while sprint flying (Shift+W) will cause the maiden to slowly move and slowly rise.

    96 – Leveling Guide does not list skills.

    97 – Leveling Guide scrolling doesn’t work if you click/hold the scroll bar and drag it up or down.

    98 – Duplicate screen size resolutions listed in the configruation panel.

    99 – Rank Stars for perks should always be centered.

    100 – Jets AI needs to be adjusted for new battle rules.

    101 – Dragon Icon is black on the mini map should be yellow.

    102 – VS Screen Divinian height is incorrect.

    103 – Defending AI sometimes gets confused during rush stage.

    104 – Remove 5 character limit in Pose3D scenes.

    105 – Homepage backgrounds should be selectable.

    106 – Each time you click the news icon on the homepage it should randomly select which news item to show. Right now random selection only happens once on launch.

    107 – Eye adaptation section and settings need to be added to Pose3D.

    108 – New Model A doesn’t get wet when you get into the water.

    109 – Mech Missile volley is not centered on the Base Core.

    110 – Personality does not update during character customization if ‘Freeze’ is selected.

    111 – Pose3D native portrait resolution is incorrect. It is correct for 2k, 4k.

    112 – Unarmored White horse hair turns black when you zoom out. Check all horses.

    113 – Forward moving horse direction movement should be by mouse not by A and D keys.

    114 – Scoreflash jumpy when riding on horse.

    115 – Foot step sounds for the mount need to be fixed.

    116 – Idle pose on the horse causes sliding even without moving.

    117 – Scrolling country list in the world map should be sorted in alphabetical order.

    118 – All unlocked items are very dark (high contrast) and difficult to see in the leveling.

    119 – Requirements check is broken.

    120 – Revamp mission/battle reward results.

    121 – Can’t melee in the air. Needs revision.

    122 – Allow players to promote to general in the homepage.

    123 – Wish list for shop items.

    124 – Right click sliders resets position.

    125 – Pose3D tools messed up in 1920×810 resolution.

    126 – Inside ear hair should be separated color and stay white.

    127 – Pose3D control handles do not scale with the model. When you scale up the model, this makes them difficult / impossible to use due to them ending up being too small to find / manipulate when the model gets larger.

    128 – Render Distance Slider does not work in Pose3D

    129 – Some perk cards say they unlock at level zero. there is no level zero.

    130 – Add pubic hair slider.

    131 – Provide option to remove the 4k resolution cap.

    132 – Reviving downed war maidens with C key does not work.

    133 – Display name of bone selected in Pose3D.

    134 – Pop up sliders for bone adjustment in Pose3D.

    135 – Add drop down to show list of bones of the selected model for selection.

    136 – General pose assignment drop down for Pose3D.

    137 – Update descriptions for all skills.

    138 – Training mode is broken.

    139 – Enabling Nude photographpy resets the position and pose.

    140 – Add Skills and Weapons to leveling guide.

    141 – News and Event pop up images are low quality.

    142 – Nipples do not get colored with body color.

    143 – Eye shadow slider on extreme setting can cause a weird dark texture to appear.

    144 – It is still possible to escape some rooms in mission mode of the player tries hard enough.

    145 – An intermittent graphic issue causes the screen in VS Screen to glitch and prevent the player from exiting or proceeding.

    146 – There may still be an issue with invisible walls blocking entrance to new rooms. We have resolved and tested this but would like more testing before fulling confirming this is fixed.

    147 – An enemy soldier spawns inside of a crate in episode 2. Can easily be killed with Q key skill. Will look to change its spawn point.

    148 – When you fail a mission you can still do damage which causes cases where player wins and loses at the same time.

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