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    Revision: LoM v1.2.5a Errata (List of Known Issues)
    Release Date: Friday, April 9th 2018
    List Size: 181 issues known

    Before submitting bugs for League of Maidens please look over the errata to verify that the bug you are submitting has not already been logged. If your issue has not yet been reported please click the following link to report the bug in our bug forum. If you wish to see a list of resolved issues for v1.2.5a please click the following link to view the 1.2.4a release notes

    Errata List: League of Maidens v1.2.5a Alpha


    1 – War Maiden 1st form and 2nd form have forced linked properties.

    2 – In certain situations the damage blood effect stays on the screen.

    3 – RGB color in character customization has no limit causing glowing effects at large values.

    4 – Leveled up assets reset after the application is closed.

    5 – Outfit and Weapon gear leveling was reset by the 1.2.5a update.

    6 – In certain situations (when an awakened character has the name of ‘Unnamed’) a player will be locked in the character customization screen.

    7 – In certain situations the homepage menu can get locked up. Closing and starting the application is a work around.


    1 – Tattoos don’t work with necro race.

    2 – Wing texture quality is low in mission/matches. High Res wing textures not loading in battle mode. Stuck on low-res textures. Probably broken in mission mode too.

    3 – Intro video pauses and lags badly.

    4 – Stopping point for soldiers in front of the base in rush stage are all in one spot. Should be spread out. ***This is still a problem for RUSH stage defending AND attacking soldiers.***

    5 – Netherian League creation text looks bad. Has extra carriage return.

    6 – Transform is broken. Doesn’t last as long as its supposed to in mission mode. Completely breaks game in mission mode. Doesn’t work in battle mode either.

    7 – Titan music still playing while victory music plays.

    8 – Conjuring Turrets in mission mode garage is broken. It conjures them on top of the ceiling.

    9 – Clean the Mask texture for outfits. There are artifacts showing when black color is assigned.

    10 – Selecting colors for new weapons does nothing.

    11 – When you check ‘Auto-Hide Shield’ it should not show the Shield in character customization, homepage, etc…

    12 – Transition from league creation to character customization (on first launch for new player) is bad. You can see the homepage for a brief second and the white background isn’t up yet before it goes away.

    13 – Point light shadow quality in pose3D is very low.

    14 – Character shifts down in VS Screen when switching into battle mode.

    15 – Weapons thumbnails in shop should be more zoomed in.

    16 – BG music and effect sounds should lower more for battle mode tutorial videos

    17 – Battle mode tutorial dialog audio should be increased by 20%

    18 – Heart Beat sound needs to be lowered.

    19 – Mission mode needs three colliders that protects the exit door and the walls on eitehr side. The exit door collider can disappear when the player has killed all the enemies in the room.

    20 – Update League Creation and Mission mode audio dialog.

    21 – Default wetness needs to be increased for presets.

    22 – New Weapons do not show up as props in Pose3D.

    23 – Should be able to select weapon prop or other props like body parts in pose3d.

    24 – Need to incorporate 4th color in all other outfits. Not having it working is confusing and looks like a bug.

    25 – Blessed/Sacred Circle sometimes forms in the air or ceiling. Happened in garage mission and in desert stage in sand.

    26 – The game hangs at times when going into vs mode. Issue seems to happen when a new ai team needs to be generated.

    27 – Neck is not connected. Problem is worst using the smile expression.

    28 – Add Turret smoke effect when HP below 50%. Smoke increases to current value as damage gets lower.

    29 – Default Teeth value makes teeth stick out of lower jaw.

    30 – Add Glasses or Mask Check for war maiden AI generation. Those two usually do not go together.

    31 – Red damage blood is on the screen after taking damage still.

    32 – Rapid Fire Arrow cooldown is different in mission mode and battle mode. It is correct in mission mode. Not in battle mode.

    33 – Switching from 1st form to 2nd form and clicking ok should copy all features. Every single one.

    34 – Harvesting multiple samurai on the ground is broken. You can only harvest one then you have to move away and move back to the second.

    35 – Pose3d Right Clicking on initial point to move camera makes it jump to position making it hard to use camera.

    36 – Conjurer turrets do not attack mission bosses. Mech, Mech Ship, Titan.

    37 – Lower XP to level up assets during battle mode.

    38 – Add slider controls for manipulating Move, Size, Rotate.

    39 – Colliders from new segement should not hang off so that they don’t interfere with colliders from old segement if the player does not immediately go in the new segment. To repro clear a room open the door then run back out of the room before the door closes. Now in old room you will have invisible barriers.

    40 – Asset flashing should be opposite on battle mode. Flashing when it can still be upgraded. And not flashing when it has been upgraded to the max level.

    41 – Pose3D controls are black. Need a light that only affects the Pose3D controls.

    42 – Vsync is not functional.

    43 – Pick up Item sound too low in battle mode only.

    44 – BP Results icon effect too bright not fixed.

    45 – Fix all default buttons in Pose3D. Scene default at the top. Default for all post processing settings. Add default buttons for Sky Dom and Environment Settings.

    46 – If 4k is selected. Picture flash effect does not happen.

    47 – If 4k is selected automatically (temporarily) disable Depth of Field (doesn’t work well with 4k) and re-enable it (if it was enabled before taking picture.

    48 – Add recommendataions for upgrading asset levels when leveling up so that players don’t get left behind.

    49 – Fingers on bikini armor 2c outfit are malformed.

    50 – POSE3D: Prop and Scene have scrolling problems in general.

    51 – POSE3D: 2nd issue with scene scrolling. Once you select a scene scrolling is locked.

    52 – Revise triggers for doors in missions.

    53 – Outside colliders for rooms should triger after you enter them. If you open a door or a room but go back into previous room there are invisible walls.

    54 – Allow for manually selecting all props types

    55 – Add new Daily Challenges.

    A) Kill Samurai

    Type: Kill_samurai
    Description_front: Kill
    Description_end: Shadow Samurai in missions
    Daily_target: 1
    Weekly_target: 3

    B) Harverst Samurai

    Type: Harvest_samurai
    Description_front: Harvest
    Description_end: Shadow Samurai in missions
    Daily_target: 1
    Weekly_target: 3

    C) Kill Titan

    Type: Kill_titan
    Description_front: Kill
    Description_end: Titan Bosses in missions
    Daily_target: 1
    Weekly_target: 2

    D) Destroy Mech

    Type: Destroy_mech
    Description_front: Destroy
    Description_end: Mech Bosses in missions
    Daily_target: 1
    Weekly_target: 2

    56 – Fix colliders and being able to pass through walls in mission mode.

    57 – Soldier fire does not respect collission boundaries.

    58 – 5 mechs stored in rush stage. 1 mech used. But after rush stage all 5 mechs disappeared.

    59 – Player/AI getting hit during back to base should cancel it.

    60 – Base turrets do not die if they are destroyed while you are in motion3d mode.

    61 – War maiden killed other war maiden stuck on screen after exiting motion3d.

    62 – You can fly through all the buildings in the greek stage.

    63 – player swims above water.

    64 – Issue not fixed for chests. Explosions at the end of battle mode results screen are too bright.

    65 – Zooming in on the world map shows a black artifact.

    66 – Need confirmation box “Are you sure you would like to make this league your default?” when selecting ‘Make Default’ on homepage.

    67 – Not all sounds that should be listed as sound effects are being controlled by sound effect slider.

    68 – Coin balance should be displayed in mission mode/battle mode and character customization for spending on gear upgrades.

    69 – Can’t use lower Rank skills.

    70 – At Level 8 I got a Rank 5 skill (Lightning Speed). Couldn’t get it because Rank 5 skills are supposed to be available at Level 9. Not 8.

    71 – Need to improve horse riding mechanic and animations.

    72 – HP is not full when outfits are leveled up.

    73 – Add skip for monologue at the beginning of missions.

    74 – Sync training game world. Looks completely different then the city main scene. Need to update camera components. Post processing, light baking etc…

    75 – Shop preview only works with League General.

    76 – Nude photographpy resets the position and pose

    77 – Seam with a low res brown line in the training suit outfit.

    78 – Play a match with tank class with size matters. Then go into a mission and you can use size matters.

    79 – If you fail a mission while, completeing it at the same time(long wind up abilities will go off after it says you’ve failed), it advances you to the next mission, but doesn’t give you the rewards.

    80 – Add description page for premium account to list benefits.

    81 – Disabling Help Tips should not disable war maiden killed ui.

    82 – Add note (like perks) for skills that are unlocked at higher guardian levels.

    83 – Shields need better default colors.

    84 – Need pubic hair slider.

    85 – Player still doing old melee attack from crouch.

    86 – Eye shadow slider on extreme setting can cause a weird dark texture to appear.

    87 – Feathers are disconnected in shoulder armor for bikini armor 2c.

    88 – Add realistic eye/head movement.

    89 – Secure .bpt files.

    90 – Revamp mission/battle reward results.

    91 – Allow players to promote to general in the homepage.

    92 – Inside ear hair should be seperated color and stay white.

    93 – Noticed in 3DPose that the control handels do not scale with the model. When you scale up the model, this makes them difficult / impossible to use due to them ending up being too small to find / manipulate when the model gets larger.

    94 – Render Distance Slider working in pose3D? – Also the render distance from the camera tends to start clipping the model when it gets quite large, or the camera gets farther away. the distance was farther when the Skydome was active for some reason, which was a little off also. On this one I would recomment a slider in the graphics, or just in the pose3D interface somewhere to increase / decrease the render distance, so as not to overload some systems unnecceserally.

    95 – Add Default Poses to pose3D. General pose assignment drop down. Small drop down menu of preset poses would be a huge accelerator. You’d still probably tweak them, but if they got you even 70% there…

    96 – Provide option to remove the 2k resolution cap.

    97 – Display name of bone selected in Pose3D

    98 – Pop up sliders for bone adjustment in Pose3D

    99 – Add drop down to show list of bones of the selected model for selection.

    100 – Update descriptions for all skills.

    101 – Add Skills and Weapons to leveling guide (not in category but in all for weapons).

    102 – News and Event pop up images are low quality.

    103 – Motion Replay bug when you disable all UI elements. A fake preview graphic image shows up on top of the camera and all announcer messages are queued causing announcer to talk non-stop later.

    104 – Having “Show Help UI” disabled causes the UI to remain when starting Motion Replay.

    105 – Freeze in character customization should disable look at camera.

    106 – If you run out of SP and play a match it still shows that you earn BP and coins in the last screen.

    107 – Add Guardian Name and Steam User name on top of the Private Test Build version on the bottom left of the screen in light green color.

    108 – Laugh expression disconnects the neck.

    109 – VS Screen pictures show low resolution textures. Take pictures in advance.

    110 – Transform is broken again. Moving during transform causes lockups. Transforming in water is very broken.

    111 – ‘G’ for grab is broken. You can’t grab, sprint run or use weak projectile attack.

    112 – Disable going into **fly mode** AND **transformation** when on launcher. Also disable going in and out of fly mode while being launched.

    113 – Opening camera sometimes does not show the Netherian League Name UI

    114 – Floating sword is back.

    115 – Skill preview .Mp4 is warped and not the correct ratio.

    112 – Mission mode videos do not loop.

    113 – List Hell Storm, then Dragon Summon then Titan Summon in that order.

    114 – Is Clipping Planes Far needs to be reviewed/increased for Motion Replay Camera

    115 – Add auto-hide wings option like auto hide weapon. ***Make sure it is disabled by default***

    116 – Make SP balances specific to each league.

    117 – Add 10,000 coin or 100 maiden crystal cost to create a new league.

    118 – Emote names in the drop down list in character customization should be pulled from the name of the emote instead of static text.

    119 – ***In Mission Mode Only*** Hiding any UI elements with check box in the configuration panel is broken.

    120 – Character customization interface should reset rotation of character upon entry.

    121 – Change the UI at the end of match complete to say GOLD instead of coins.

    122 – Add crystal cost (10 maiden crystals) to continue mission.

    123 – Add Pose3D reset button for Sky panel and Environment Lighting panel.

    124 – Get more premium items button in Pose3D does not lead to the shop it leads to the homepage.

    125 – POSE3D: Add Show/Hide Character checkbox. To show and hide the entire character.

    126 – If you get hit by a fireball or an attack even from dragon right when you are doing large projectile Q attack your large projectile attack disappears. When doing large projectile Q key skill if you get hit the Orb and effects disappear.

    127 – Add a button to copy current tab settings (like face tab or body tab) and another button to copy or paste to another form or character.

    128 – Change ‘Outfits’ tab and category in the shop to ‘Outfit Skins’.

    129 – When you click the ‘CLAIM’ button in the Leveling guide. There is a pop up. If you click outside of th pop up the close the pop up with the reward the Leveling Guide moves to the beginning of the list and then scrolls to the current location. Looks very weird.

    130 – 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 selections are broken. First interface does not always select the players you choose. Second, the interface should remember your previous selection.

    131 – Redo 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 graphic on VS Screen.

    132 – Using wings. Glide. Then hit the F key to exit glide. At this point you are still floating in the air. Gliding sound is still playing.

    133 – Hightlight of selected category in shop not working for new tabs. ***Check all tabs.***

    134 – Dead War Maidens should not be able to pick up Mecha Buff

    135 – List Slow Motion X key in keybinds.

    136 – Mission 2 and 3 segments have gaps where they are connected.

    137 – Soldier Mark III texture not dynamically loading.

    138 – AI gets in a never ending melee or large projectile loop.

    139 – Shield does not grow in size with war maiden during SIZE MATTERS skill. ***Check wings, horns, glasses, tongue, everything else.***

    140 – Disable size matters in mission mode segements.

    141 – Long delay when switching from one league to another on the homepage. Maybe load with default face then after the page switches load the expression faces.

    144 – Fix resolution of large shop photos like premium scenes.

    145 – Winning in mission mode should count as a win.

    146 – Respawn after death in mission should trigger the same perks as respawn in moba mode.

    147 – Remove default Unity crash message and just close the application.

    148 – Remove Melee Assist and Melee slide settings. They are no longer valid.

    149 – Add new greece stage into random selection for

    St. Martin
    St. Lucia
    St. Barts
    French Polynesia

    150 – Earn 100/300 XP points in battle achievement does not work. Saying I only got 215XP after a full battle?

    151 – Leveling guide notification should not be a red bubble it should be the button glowing. Also it should only glow when there is a prize to claim. Not a new level unlocked.

    152 – Transformation causes announcer to stop announcing. Then if you go into motion replay then come out announcer won’t stop talking.

    153 – Dead Body with wings, shield and sword keeps bouncing around. ***This for sure is happening because of the wings. Dead Bodies with Sword and Shield does not do this.***

    154 – When you are in the crouch position and shoot weak projectile player should stand up.

    155 – Add new melee to war maiden Ai.

    156 – If you go in water you should lose SIZE in SIZE MATTERS skill.

    157 – Weak Projectile comes out of wrong hand while gliding.

    156 – When rising from the water while fast-flying (Shift+W) will cause the maiden to slowly move and slowly rise in the fast-flying model.

    157 – Leveling Guide scrolling doesn’t work if you click/hold the scroll bar and drag it up or down.

    158 – Rank Stars for perks should always be centered. Put a space after RANK and the Number in the description. Level guide does not show ranks on perks in the ICON and In the DESCRIPTION.

    159 – Invisible collider (middle lane desert stage on netherian side) in front of the turret preventing movement towards divinian side.

    160 – VS Screen Divinian 3D model Height is messed up for .bpt files.

    161 – Defending AI gets confused during rush stage.

    162 – Each time you click the news icon on the homepage it should randomly select which news item to show. Right now random selection only happens once on launch.

    163 – New Model A does not get wet when you get into the water.

    164 – Mech Missile Volley is not centered on the Base Core.

    165 – Selecting Personality doesn’t do anything when Freeze is set.

    166 – All white scene wall like pink wall. Victorian textured black and grey wall.

    167 – Pose3D: Portrait resolution for Native is incorrect. It is correct for 2k, 4k.

    168 – Melee audio and back to base audio warped in moba matches. To test go back to base then quickly zoom your camera in and out.

    169 – Unarmored White horse hair turns black when you zoom out. Check all horses.

    170 – Forward moving horse direction movement should be by mouse not by A and D keys.

    171 – List skill cooldowns in skills page.

    172 – Foot step sounds for mount and player are messed up.

    173 – Idle with horse doesn’t sit still you keep sliding even without moving.

    174 – Chest asset upgrade prizes don’t do the same flash as when you get asset counts.

    175 – Stock Ticker in world map should be sorted in alphabetical order.

    176 – All unlocked items are very dark (high contrast) in the leveling guide. You can’t see what they are showing.

    177 – Right click sliders should reset to default position.

    178 – If you have zero asset level for one of your assets then click on the MAP button then click YES it opens up the mission panel instead of the Map page.

    179 – Switch Level up keys to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Replace Icons with Keys. ***MAKE SURE TO UPDATE KEYBINDS***

    180 – Timestep reward should restart after it reaches step 10 and player has claimed all the rewards.

    181 – Pose3D water mark gets warped messed up when you change resolution. i.e. 1920×810.

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