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    hello I have a problem I am level 3 and when I go to see the skill I would have unlocked those level 2 but I do not have access that I forgot to do something.

    and on the leveling page I’m supposed to earn perk but it’s 0% mark to complete but I do not see anything that tells me what to do to unlock them.

    for the future level it would be interesting to know also because at level 5 we unlock a lot of things and j, would like to have them to not reach this level and be above all to unlock.




    @gimpy655 thank you for writing. All skills and perks are unlocked through chests. When you reach the level they will be avilable to win in chests. You do not get them automatically. To get the chests play missions or battle modes and get Gold or Silver chests. When you open them you will have a chance to get the Skills or the Perks.

    Thanks – maidengaming



    good thanks I really like this game but a free mode with quest to do on the map and enemies can everywhere it would be really great

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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