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    Hello there.
    Wanted to thank the devs and Ryan for letting us test this weekend-Alpha.

    Even though I haven’t completed the character creation, at this point there are some points that concern me that might scare or at least annoy users.

    1 – Put the SETTING Options first, THEN the character creation.
    I don’t have a powerful computer, so I wanted to just log in , set my graphics options (for when I can
    come and start my character creation which is my favorite part of a game) and comeback later when I have
    5 hours to spare.
    Yet, I discover that I have to make my character BEFORE even accessing the options! I thought I would
    Log-in, get in the main menu and have the option to set all my mumbo jumbo, choose a server and then
    proceed make my character.

    I FEAR that IF I click NEXT, I won’t be able to change my character again, so that really, really
    enraged me.

    If I missed it in the in-game login, then MY bad, but if is not, please put all those options WITH the
    login screen.

    2 – UI DESIGN – make it FUNCTIONAL, NOT PRETTY … or both.
    You guys are missing small details in order to get a nice themed scenario.
    The text that appears when you hover over MOST of the buttons is BOTH : a) way to small, with a font
    that is very hard to read and a color that gets lost with the background.
    b) Disappears way TOO fast, by the time I’m able to discern anything, it just vanishes. Hovering
    multiple times is not funny.

    The same with a lot of the buttons in the right side of the screen, give them a background for them to
    be legible. Not to forget that some, like the body figures in the lower left screen lack any hint of
    what they are and I dunno if to place the same slide options or if my character will change at
    midaction of starting a game.

    After I make my character and enjoy of the action, I will come back with more, but those 2 main topics
    really bothered me, hope ye guys have the time to improve them.




    Thank you for your feedback. UI has not been a priority in alpha stage as we are constantly adding and changing features which would prevent us from locking down anything permanent. With that said once we do complete our UI re-design all of the issues that you listed will be resolved. We will allow for settings customization before character customization as well as text size/clarity issues.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    – maidengaming

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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