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    Below you will find a beginners guide as well as advanced tips and strategies for League of Maidens game play. If you are new to League of Maidens we suggest playing a match or two then circling back to this guide to familiarize yourself with the gameplay elements. Get answers to questions that you might have as well as learning strategies that you can incorporate into your playing style. You will find our “go-to” strategies for decision making during different scenarios within a match. Keep in mind below are just our suggestions. Feel free to post new strategies with your own tips offering up your own suggestions or feel free to challenge any points below. We welcome any debates on strategy to help elevate the community and their ability to master League of Maidens gameplay.

    How do I win a match in League of Maidens?

    The rules of a League of Maidens match are quite simple. Push the lane, destroy turrets, crystals and finally the core. It’s that simple. There are 3 stages. Ready Stage, Battle Stage and Rush stage.

    READY STAGE – When the match starts you will begin with ready stage. The ready stage happens once per match and it lasts just 60 seconds. During the ready stage you are able to test out any of your abilities or formulate a plan of attack before the match officially starts. Once the 60 second time limit has expired you will be ushered into the Battle Stage.

    BATTLE STAGE – Battle stages last 240 seconds or 4 minutes. During this time you will need to use the launcher to get to the active lane. Once you reach the active lane your job as a war maiden is to clear a path for your assets (soldiers, tanks and jets) to push the lane against your enemy. Clearing a path will allow your assets to push the lane and attack the front line turret which is your first active target. Once you have destroyed the front line turrets you will need to push forward to the back of the lane where the enemy will have two turrets guarding the back line crystal. You must first destroy both turrets before the crystal will be exposed. If you fail to destroy the crystal in time the stage will end and the battle stage will restart on another lane. If you have successfully managed to destroy both turrets then finally destroy the back line crystal you will be ushered into the rush stage.

    RUSH STAGE – The rush stage last 120 seconds or 2 minutes. In those two minutes you will have the opportunity to rush the enemies base to attack their core. But before you can damage the core you will need to destroy two more powerful turrets that are protecting the core. After you have destroyed both turrets the base core will be exposed allow you and your assets to go in for the kill.

    Are there any other ways (other then my assets) to attack active targets like turrets, crystals or the core?

    Yes, if the target is active and you can get close enough war maidens are able to damage the active targets (turrets, crystals or the core) with melee attacks. Projectile attacks will not damage the active targets. But watch out for the turrets pulse attack. You must ensure that the enemy turret is occupied attacking assets in range before going in for the kill using melee. Attempting to attack a turret while it is unoccupied will cause it to launch a powerful pulse attack knocking you far away from the lane and potentially killing you in the process.

    What is that big yellow crystal in the middle of the lane?

    Destroying the yellow lane crystal (located in the center of the lane and respawned for each battle stage) should be your very first objective once you reach the lane as it will heavily dictate whether or not you will spend the rest of the Battle Stage on offense or on defense.

    Below you will find a listing of the benefits provided from being the first to destroy the yellow lane crystal.

    A – 30% cummulative buff to your assets attack power.
    B – The Dragon will emerge (if the active lane is either the left or right lane) to fight against your enemy.
    C – 25% increase in soldier asset spawn count.

    Below you will find a listing of the disadvantages when your opponent is the first to destroy the yellow lane crystal.

    A – 300% increase of the time it takes to respawn your soldier assets. Original respawn time is 10 seconds.
    B – The Dragon will emerge (if the active lane is either the left or right lane) to fight against you.
    C – 25% decrease in soldier asset spawn count.

    Whats up with the big dragon trying to kill everyone?

    When either the left or the right lane becomes active during a battle stage and the yellow lane crystal has been destroyed a massive dragon will fly into the battle causing quite the disruption attacking the side that lost the yellow lane crystal. The dragon cannot be harmed or killed. Only avoided. To ensure that the dragon fights for your side focus on being the first to destroy the yellow lane crystal at the beginning of each battle stage. The Dragon buff will last until the time limit expires for that battle stage.

    How can I get past the Turrets pulse attack?

    The turrets pulse attack is a powerful protection mechanism. If the turret senses any War Maidens in range it will launch a powerful pulse attack dealing crippling damage. To avoid being in a position where you are taking significant damage from this attack ensure that at least one of your assets (soldiers more then likely) are in the turrets attack range. If the turret is distracted by targeting one of your asset the pulse mechanism will not engage giving you just enough time to swoop in and damage the turret using your War Maiden’s melee attack.

    What is the red package dropped by the airship during the battle stages?

    During each battle stage an airship will fly over, sound a very loud horn then drop a package in the middle of the lane. This package is called the mech buff. If you are in range be sure to try your hardest to get to this package before anyone else. Doing so will provide you with a mech that will help you during your rush stage push against your enemy. Mechs are the most powerful force for an alliance during the rush stage lane push. Picking up multiple packages will increase the number of mechs that will be spawned for your alliance during rush stage.

    What is your Guardian Level?

    Your “Guardian Level” can be found on the homepage at the top. You can also see it in the leaderboards. It is your level as a player. Not the level of your war maidens or any individual team. It is like an overall level for all of your leagues. It is the level used to identify where you are as a player. In the world map, the higher your Guardian level the further distance away (from your homebase) you can assign your BP points. Also as you increase your Guardian level (by winning matches) you will get cooler prizes from chests like new skills and perks.

    What are the icons that keep popping up during gameplay?

    The icons at the top will indicate how many cyrstal buffs, dragon buffs or mech drops you have accumulated during a battle.

    What is BP and how do I go about using it?

    When you successfully complete a match of League of Maidens you will receive Battle Points (BP). The better you perform in the match (the more XP you gain) the more BP you will get at the end of the match. Battle Points are a way to climb the Global and Local leaderboards to eventually control a country or a state. When you have completed a match you will have the opportunity to assign your battle points. Select a country or state to assign your points. The more points you have assigned to the country or state the higher you will rank on that particular local leaderboard. If you rank the highest in the local leaderboard you will control the country. Controlling the country will mean that everyone fighting in this region will see your name as controlling the country before a match.

    How much BP is required to capture a location?

    The amount of Battle Points (BP) needed to control a country or state depends on who else is posting BP there. The way it works the person in the local leaderboard that has the most BP will control the country as long as their alliance controls the country. If you are Divinian and the Divinian alliance controls the country (the country is blue) and you are the highest ranked Divinian in the country you will control it.

    How does the SP mechanic work on the homepage?

    League of Maidens has two parts gameplay wise. One is the intense action of fighting in battle, the other is a strategy based point assignment system with an accompanying leaderboard system. The SP mechanic helps to balance out point assignments between hardcore and casual players. Each time you engage and complete a battle you will expend a portion of your Guardian Stamina. When your Guardian Stamina runs out you will need to wait for it to rebuild or boost the stamina to gain benefits from battle like coins, chests or BP. There are no mechanics in the game that will ever stop you from playing League of Maidens. You are free to play full matches with or without Guardian Stamina. The same goes for assets. You are not required to build assets even if your levels reach 0 to find and play a match.

    What roles do the jet planes and war ships serve?

    Jet planes are very destructive. You may not realize the damage they administer until it is too late. Jets will fly above the lane and fire missiles that are very destructive at the war maidens and assets in the lane. Jets are definitely and important part of the push. War ships are effective in rush stage. If your warship wins in the left and/or right water lane they will navigate and park in front of your enemy base and shoot a barrage of missiles at the enemy during rush stage. War ships are a massive help if your trying to push in rush stage to destroy the base turrets and core.


    Strategy Tip #1 – See an enemy tank? Destroy it as soon as possible.

    Tanks can deal heavy damage to turrets, crystals and the core. But beyond that and what might be even more damaging is that tanks are a big distraction for your soldiers which are the foundation of your lane push. Nearby tanks will cause soldiers to change their focus on destroying the tank as apposed to advancing the lane push. Help clear the lane for your soldiers and keep them focused on the next active target whether it is the next turret, crystal or core.

    Strategy Tip #2 – Don’t get too distracted with killing War Maidens early in the match.

    The death timer for a war maiden is shorter during the earlier stages of a match. Your focus should be to destroy the middle lane crystal (yellow crystal) then clear the lane and make it easier for your assets to take the front line turret. To do that it makes more sense to down an enemy war maiden or sprint grab and knock them out of the lane instead of focusing on killing them only to have them re-spawn and back in the active lane. The only exception to this rule is if you are playing a class that requires leveling up as quickly as possible. In which case you would opt to kill a weakened war maiden to collect the XP reward.

    Strategy Tip #3 – Soldiers are the foundation of your lane push.

    Don’t let them fall behind when it comes to dedicating coins for upgrading your soldiers and dedicating XP for leveling up your soldiers. Upgrading your soldiers will help to provide them with stronger weapons like adding a powerful punch to their rocket launchers which is essential when it comes to a soldier’s ability to down an enemy war maiden. Leveling up your soldiers will help to increase their health, attack power and movement speed which will not only make them more effective during the lane push, it will make them more effective when it comes to assisting you in an effort to down or kill an enemy war maiden.

    Strategy Tip #4 – Don’t forget to level up your warships!

    Although warships don’t seem to play a big part of the battle in the early stages of the match do not underestimate their role in helping you to secure victory. It is essential that you level up your warships to increase their health, attack power and movement speed. Doing so will help your warship win the water lane battle against the enemy warship. Why is that important? A leveled up warship can be the single most influential part of successful attempt to destroy the enemy core during the Rush Stage. Warships that win in their respective water lane battles will navigate and park themselves in front of the enemy base. If your team is successful in destroying a lane crystal and the match goes into Rush Stage when the enemy core becomes active your warships will begin an endless barrage of attacks on the bridge leading to the enemy core helping to destroying anything in range of the blast including the powerful set of turrets that guard the enemy core. So do yourself a favor, upgrade your warships and get the backup needed to claim your victory in battle.

    It is also worth mentioning that if you find yourself in a position where your enemy warships have parked themselves right outside of your base it would be beneficial for you to take the time to “clear the pit”. Clearing the pit is the action of destroying any opposing warships parked outside of your base waiting for rush stage to occur before they begin attacking your base. But keep in mind, clearing the pit is costly in terms of time away from the battlefield so choose careful when you decide to do so. The best times to “clear the pit” would be if you find yourself in a position where you anticipate losing your active lane crystal. If it is inevitable that you will be going into rush stage on defense then clear the pit.

    Strategy Tip #5 – Master the art of the cut & bounce.

    Shortening the amount of time that it takes to switch from one lane to the other can be a big advantage on the battlefield. If you can navigate to the active lane faster then your enemy it gives you valuable seconds free of opposition to attack enemy assets during your lane push. First rule, always go back to base during a lane switch unless your war maiden has “gone immortal”. Be aware of how much time is left in the current battle stage and make sure you are clear of any enemy war maidens or assets and initiate a back to base sequence. The timing of when you should initiate the back to base sequence is debatable. But opting to fly or run from one lane to the other during a lane switch is suicide unless your playing with the Assassin Class which provides the ability of exceptional speed. If you choose to fly or run from one lane to the other you miss out on re-energizing your war maiden’s, health, magic & stamina which occurs when you return back to base. Secondly, although it wouldn’t seem like it the fastest method of travel from one lane to the other is to initiate a back to base sequence then use the launcher to launch your war maiden to the active lane.

    At which point the cut & bounce comes into play. “The Cut” is the action of getting from point A (your spawn point inside the base) to point B (the launcher). The method used to complete the cut will significantly impact how quickly your war maiden makes it to the active lane. “The Bounce” is the action of timing your landing from the launch and “bouncing” into super sprint speed to hurl your war maiden down the lane as quickly as possible. Combining a perfect “Cut & Bounce” will give you a huge advantage to begin your assault against the enemy assets free of opposition from enemy war maidens. There are many methods to initiate the cut and bounce. Try to come up with your own and study other players to see which method you feel is the best.

    More Tips and Strategy to come…

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