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    So if you toggle the “Nude everywhere” or “nude for all” cheat while 3d Motion 3D is active, as soon as you deactivate Motion 3D the mouse camera controls brake. toggling either cheat again while motion 3d is not active seems to fix it.
    I tried many scenarios trying to replicate this.
    Letting the change play out in Motion 3d by hitting play then exiting after it’s complete did not prevent the camera control brake.
    Letting the model switch play out in Motion 3d from the shower’s “change cloth” action did not trigger the break, However changing cloths did fix the brake the same as toggling the cheats.
    While I have not been able to recreate this part, it is worth noting that the very first tie I ran into this bug, I had somehow also managed to put myself in a state where nude cheat was active at the same time as the adult filter, and I could not turn either off. That was only solved by restarting and bypassing the patreon authentication on start up to cancel access to the cheats.
    I posted this all in the bug report channel on Discord as well.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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