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    Computer Type: PC
    Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro
    Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
    Available Memory: 16 Gig DDR 3
    Processor type: AMD FX 8350 8 core 4.0/4.2 Turbo

    What up Devs,

    I have ran into a few issues:

    1) Warrior class – Infinite loop on animation. This appears to happen when executing a maiden. My characters arm goes up, the sword does not appear and then the animation loops infinitely. During the infinite loop my character does not die, HP drops to 10 and goes down no further, I can not die. I have NOT had the issue with other classes. (I play Warrior, Assassin, Tank and Heals) Occurrence in 6+ matches

    2) Small issue. However when I first installed the game I used the free provided gold to upgrade my tanks and soldiers a few levels. Then proceeded to play training mode after creating a character. After I shut the game down to head out for drinks. After logging back in I found my characters still present however all levels bought to upgrade tanks and soldier were gone as well as the gold that I upgraded them with. I assume this is due to upgrading my units and then logging out of the game before actually playing a match.

    3)I found a bug with the assassin that allows me to kill the enemy core in 2-3 seconds of being attacked, resulting in me receiving a gold chest and a best game crown 90% of the time. This Strategy/glitch also works to kill enemy turrets extremely fast.

    Thank you for the key. The game is awesome, I can not wait to see what you have in store for future updates.

    Tognotti (ProtoType)


    Thanks for the feedback and reported bugs. Also THANK YOU for the compliment as well! We love those 😉

    We will log your issues and get them resolved as soon as possible. Thanks again and we are very excited about 1.2.0a!

    – maidengaming



    Number 1 seems similar or identical to the bug I encountered and submitted.


    Thank you for your feedback. Your issue has been resolved. The fix is available in the 1.2.3a build of League of Maidens.

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    – maidengaming

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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