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    1).When you run into a slide and hold down both control and shift, you can indefinitely slide. character stays within the sliding pose no matter what terrain or direction you go. Able to be replicated 100% of the time and affects game play and visuals. Character is even able to slide up flights of stairs with absolute ease.
    Would personally qualify as a grade C bug. Does not stop progression or harm game, but affects game play considerably and can be used to one’s advantage in just about any situation, making the character too difficult to hit as well as distract from both game play and immersion.

    2). When interacting with any interactable environment object, if player inputs a movement command at the last second of the timer, character will completely break alignment with animation and object. Able to replicate 100% of the time, mainly a visual bug but can affect game play depending on what camera angles are caused by the bug
    would rate d-c, depending on how important you view the casual interactable objects within the game.

    3). Within shower room, camera collisions are incredibly sensitive and force perspective into first person view quite actively. When entering shower, there is very thin viewing angle before camera clips into first person. In toilets, when interacting with them and the character enters the stall, camera collides 100% of the time and slips into first person view. when going into free camera mode, character can be seen sinking about a foot or so into the actual toilet seat itself. Would consider the collision of the shower minor but the camera within the toilet makes it completely unusable until collisions within are fixed.


    1 – This is not a bug, the duration of sliding is managed by your stamina. Some areas (like the lobby area) have infinite stamina.

    2 – Thanks for reporting!

    3 – Thanks for reporting!

    – maidengaming

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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