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    1. Chin Width and Jaw Width sliders seem to be swapped
    – using Chin Width slider adjusts jaw width
    – using Jaw Width slider adjusts chin width

    2. The UI is tied to the rendering scale and other things
    – when reducing rendering scale, the UI is also affected and text becomes unreadable (in other games the UI is never affacted)
    – when in Windowed Mode and resizing the window, there is motion blur (despite disabling motion blur in the settings) on the UI – as the window size changes, the UI changes position too and it’s accompanied by a motion blur effect… IMO the weirdest anomaly I’ve seen in my gaming life

    3. Disabling effects doesn’t disable them
    – disabling Moting Blur does nothing – motion blur is still on
    – disabling Bloom and other effects is the same – they are still on despite that
    – shutting the game down properly and restarting it doesn’t make it any better.


    Thanks for reporting.

    – maidengaming

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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