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    Hi! G’night, just small question & suggestion.
    a) Is there anyway to turn off or move the light in Character creation?

    Can we move the light or turn it off?

    I noticed that with shorter characters the light doesn’t bother much, but I like tall girls and the light becomes almost torture to withstand while customizing. I hope I missed the option to do so, for even in the “HDR Background” mode, I couldn’t find a way to at least move it.

    b) A vertical scroller for the horizontal sliders would be nice (e.g., in the body/face customizations, sometimes I fear that when I scroll up or down with the mouse wheel it will change the number given to any of the sliders I glide over.
    A very small design suggestiom that maybe doesn’t shows up because of my graphics, but it would be nice for those that have no mouse wheel (weird, but possible).

    c) A small window in the graphics/advanced graphics that explains what is the option, and the effect that it will do, when you glide over it.
    Most of people will already know, but I myself, still have a little trouble knowing which anti-aliasing is better, if render sampling is good/bad for you or if the texture will affect both characters and environment, just giving examples not really asking right now.

    They are mall things, but they go quite the long distance for players.

    Thanks for your hardwork, and will give a few more feedback/questions when I find them.


    Thanks for your feedback! BTW, there isn’t a way to turn off the anamorphic flare but we will keep the idea in mind.


    My, that’s a bummer. The reflection is quite strong in a lot of angles, it would be nice to at least move it from place.

    Anyways, thanks for your swift reply.
    Hope ye all are having a good weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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