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    Disclaimer: I accidentally hit post by mistake so, it wasn’t finish really, I still had/have more to add onto, be sure to read the rest thank you.

    Alright so after about 3 days since I started messing around I still haven’t done enough to figure out what exactly I missed that wasn’t available but this is just a overview and some additional QoL niche suggestions that I’ve come across.

    1. About the gameplay/movement/transitions/loadscreens, etc:
    Well I have to say they weren’t kidding when they were talking about having this game being optimized first, ofc, ofc there still is more they have to handle moving forward, but imo that is stating the obvious. Look to be a bit more critical on other things than just “fix game lul”. Anyway from the patch notes afaik yesterday and even today there was yet another update and from the Stream last week; even Maiden Commander from Discord said on stream that “if we see something busted we’ll take care of it in like… 5 minutes”, no joke.

    Optimization issues are always listed here on this forum or the discord, feedback goes here however. From running across the areas in the game, opening/closing UI menus or windows and see how it looks for high resolutions and frame rates; I have at least about 10 FPS drops but nothing serious that it matters, then again, am running the game with 80/65/95/85 which is my advanced settings though, I originally had the same set to 100/100/100/100 and still only dropped like 10 frames.

    Using the following specs:
    1080 Ti
    i7 6700k CPU @4.00ghz
    x4 8GB
    64 bit Win 7 Ultimate
    Monitor is 2560×1440 @ 165hz using a adapter so my frames are quite high all the time. Thankfully, it all goes to the monitor I have set first. Also props to the devs for allowing full screen alt tabbing in and out w/o the annoying black screen that’s usually something I keep an eye out for all games. In OW you have to turn on reduced buffing then turn it off once you alt tab back in, this isn’t the case, even for full screen afaik.

    I should note that the transition period to select character is fast! Thank god this exists especially in an MMO every other game there is always lag in between loading in/out but this has been taken care of (finally can use my SSD like it was intended to be). So, no longer do you have to have so much downtime in between changing characters this is actually also a problem in others such a FPS/TPS/Racing, etc. Would’ve thought someone would’ve figured this out at least LoM did, as a TLDR: any game post-2k17 and back always has back to back loading times some of them have been tweaked but not addresses due to the game engine or shift of focuses. Keep at it!

    All of these settings I have, can be changed to get more FPS if it matters to have an advantage, this isn’t a game that is meant for League of Legends potato computers a lot of destructible elements and physical changes from the creator to the Pose3D. The only downtime is either from the following: loading the game up for the first time, loading it up again after multiple attempts/going to other locations such as Freedom City (this is necessary though, game still isn’t ready for a official release purposes and it shouldn’t be though I commend the devs for doing something like this esp. with all the boring stuff that is even more unfinished than this). There are place holders for things but eventually those are going to changed.

    There IS a single loading screen for going to the strongholds however, but it’s quick so; that’s fine.

    2. Character customization:
    Moving on to switching between characters, that’s nice that it’s quick and doesn’t drag on with loading errors or delays. This is great, it does exactly what it’s suppose to do; changing characters and redesigning them w/o delay again and again from big booty waifus to normie people you see in IRL. Black Desert, Champions Online, Star Wars the Old Republic had great ideas but execution was so limited or locked behind extra currency paywalls unnecessarily and yes Awakening requires tickets to change but upon playing for 2-3 hours I kind of had enough that I wasn’t worried at all. All I was concerned about was LoM ended up with a character creator/designer like those games… thank you for avoiding their mistakes, there honestly hasn’t been a game that has a proper character creator/designer not since City of Villains came and went. It goes from adjusting they xyz of the booty to changing the eyes to different colors and even the iris/eyeball itself/glow/flare, what have you. You can even take stuff from the beauty albums and add them to the character. Seems to not matter what screens you take, nor what screens to borrow which is fine. It’s a pain to always locate that one photo with those screens to then find out that you have to dig elsewhere to find it on your computer. I feel like other games there isn’t a core generalization of finding the photos that you want and/or took in game, reminders are nice and hopefully the “DL/use as wallpaper feature” will come active soonish(?); if it was the case that it is active, then ignore this comment on that.

    3. QoL stuff, Feedback, Suggestions and/or Solutions

    Right there is only a few things which I came across of for the sake of “yeah this would be nice for xyz reasons”.
    1. Updated UI on any keybinding changes regardless of whether or not you modify the keybindings from the options, this need to reflect that in the UI, one thing missing for example I changed the C/R key.

    2. Chat window; perhaps RGB modification to that? I mean it’s pretty straight forward one keeps you aware of notices happening in the game, RP for obvious reasons/etc. I’d say allow you to merge or either rename the chat boxe names themselves, additionally I would also like to maybe have a damage number chat options that is in other games such as DPS/Damage/Shielding/HP/Health Returns, etc. Not saying you have to do it but having it as a option can work too so players who want to modify on it, can do so.

    3. Frame Rate concerns: For the transition from Freedom City/Going into Base, there are some frame drops but only seem to be in spots or in the spots where/when you move around, maybe some loop holes on where FPS goes down vice versa. Would advice some looking at. Note: this seems to be less so when leaving a stronghold or entering it.

    4. Dual/blending separate hair colors, this is only applicable in Champions Online but perhaps a suggestion to allow dual hair styles then a color option for both of them RGB as well? Example: I do not know if this was already possible and/or if it was being tested internally but that’s something I would like to see if not then that’s okay.


    Thank you for your feedback! We will be sure to review it and take it into consideration for future development!

    – maidengaming


    Should I just keep this thread open incase I had other things to say or would it be prefer to move else where? IMO the keybinding thing should be a conversation imo that can be talked about with the devs; since it doesn’t update in the UI so I wasn’t sure it that was a fix coming down the line or would need some time to evaluate.

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