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    Masq’s Report

    Since I’m not sure if the Mail ever reached, I make a new and extended report here now (posted the bugs separate anyway). I try to organize it a bit within Categories. 🙂

    Character Creation / Character Model

    1. [Quality of Life] Sliders should be moveable with the mouse wheel while moused over, for easier fine tuning.
    2. [Improvement] Volumetric Slider for Breasts, to make them bigger without making them longer. Would allow more round/filled breasts for smaller general sizes.
    3. [New] Jiggle Slider and Physics for the Butt and Tights.
    4. [New] Feet are really low polygon and mostly a texture. Since the foot fetish is actual pretty common, remodeling and maybe giving more customization options would be nice. Potential done early to have less remodeling of costumes necessary?
    5. [Improvement] Option to hide Capes, since they give a stat bonus.
    6. [New] Splitting up Costumes from one-pieces into parts to mix, match or wear nothing.
    7. [New] Hair physics, since there are only set hair styles. Even if it’s just slight movement, or just parts like the ponytail, it makes a big impact.
    8. [Unintended?] Maidens get dirty over time, but there is no showering without the Nude pack.
    9. [Improvement] Option to hide the in-ear phone of the Maiden.

    Gameplay / Missions / Ingame

    1. [Quality of Life] Hotbar/Hotkey for Potions and Tickets.
    2. [Quality of Life] Toggle (maybe separate key) for crouching.
    3. [Suggestion] Some advantage for crouching, like less recoil/greater zoom.
    4. [Quality of Life] Having a short loot popup on the top screen if you (or your pet) loots something more valuable telling you about it.
    5. [Improvement] Allow Jump/Crouch to alternate you flying directly up/down correspondingly.
    6. [Suggestion] Animation Canceling / I-Frames – Probably planned for the future to make melee combat more fluid. I mention it just in case.
    7. [Balancing] Missions seem to scale to your Maiden Level, making the enemies bullet sponge if you can’t keep up with your upgrades (which are random with Materials). Since you can outlevel your progression with random upgrade chances, allow players to choose easier levels (for less rewards).
    8. [Balancing] Daily Quests have “Kill 20 Drones”, which result in you needing 5+ Missions to do. Compared to the other Quests it seems quite the effort. 5 Drones to kill would be more in line with the rest.
    9. [Suggestion] Doing a Mission again without quitting to the Base before, misses out of the Quest Reward. Maybe it should be automatic claim and start the quest?
    10. [New] A different Mission Type, which is not based on Time but survival. No time limit, but a lot more enemies to overwhelm the player if they just charge in.
    11. [New] A base storage which is shared with all your Maidens from the same Faction.
    12. [New] Private Room Customization. I bet it’s already planned with the Dormitory, so just in case. Including this suggestion, it would also be a great place to use Pose3D since you have actual background and Furniture to play with (and you could sell complete Furniture Sets in your Store ;)).
    13. [New] Generic Female Soldiers. Soldier Customization? I guess there is already things planned, since there is the whole gifting system.

    Menu / Options / Misc

    1. [Suggestion] Option to disable intro videos.
    2. [Improvement] Prevent claiming rewards when your inventory is full and would destroy the rewards.
    3. [Quality of Life] Rewards from Time-Spin and Daily Quests etc should be hover-able so you actual know what they are.
    4. [Quality of Life] A List of possible outcomes from Loot Crates (or a highlight of the best results) while at the Crate Opening screen.
    5. [Suggestion] The Full Weekly Rewards are a choice between 3, which isn’t clear. “Choose one” or something on top? Since it’s a choice, having a hover tooltip would be great.
    6. [Comment] The use of multiple exclamation marks feels a bit unnecessary. Then again it’s probably the least important thing right now. Just something I noticed, no evil intent. 🙂

    Well, anyway, I think you did a great job for a pre-alpha so far. With a functional gameplay and a stable game, it’s already more fleshed out than some games actual getting full releases this days. So take that as a compliment, since it can only get even better. But I was wondering: Is there actual somewhere a Roadmap or something similar? Since I was never sure if a Suggestion I made isn’t already planned.

    Best regards
    – Masqurin


    Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback. We will be sure to review it and take them into consideration for future development. No roadmap as of yet outside of fixing any bugs reported from the community and improving performance which is the priority at the moment. Once we get that we will definitely look into posting a public roadmap.

    Thanks again!

    – maidengaming

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