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    Instant uninstall for me. I bought the nude pack a while ago, and in my feedback post I mentioned it did not really have much value for the regular gameplay and could be improved. I got the response below. That was a load of nonsense, as you now added stuff that SHOULD have been in the nude pack for a separate even more insane price. I absolutely feel mislead, the only no brainer here is that I won’t be spending any more money on the game. It pains me to do this because I liked the game, but I can’t support these kinds of practices.

    *With not only the nude pack but the premium account, we expect this to be an ongoing process of identifying more ways to add value to these systems. In the past the nude pack and premium account offered 1/4 of what is available today. Months from now, what we are offering today will be a 1/4 of what is available down the line. It is a process of constantly asking ourselves how we can make these offerings more valuable while offering it at a reasonable price. We already have some very creative and innovative ideas to add value to both of these offerings that will come to light in the near future. With that said the best response is that if you find either of these marginally worth the cost today, in the future it will be a no brainer.


    Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to see you go. Nothing that was said above is untrue. We will continue to offer more value to the Nude Pack and we do have great ideas for it. The cheat packs are a completely separate system and it would never have been the case for us to add what the cheat packs offer to it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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