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    I will get straight into it.

    1) “weight” option
    Now I am not saying this to be political. I am saying this because I and others like a girl with a bit of chonk so it would be nice if you could add some pudge to them.

    2) mix and match clothing
    This one I am unsure of since I don;t want to pay the price to get clothing yet. but from what I understand it is basically an outfit is just that. from top to bottom unchanagable. this I hope changes, I want the abillity to have different tops, skirts, pants, socks and shoes. for example. the bunny girl outfit is nice, but I would prefer to have closed toe mary jane heels over the open toe ones. On the extreme side of unlikely, asymetrical options would be good like stocking on one leg nothing on the other. heel boot and pump on opposite feet. but yeah that is unlikely.

    3) will there be short races like Goblins. like sure you can make the characters small but not Goblin small.

    other then those 2 the rest I have to say is more on the pie in the sky side of things.

    Hopefully PVE is the focus because that is the mostly likely to help this game grow especially if done right. For PvE I suggest looking at Warframe, Eearth Defense Force and Dynasty Warriors. This is a game about Player Fantasy, so lean hard into that aspect. make the PVE a super power showcase against hordes of enemies. The gameplay loop should be something like “1-4 players drop into a large open map. battle hordes of enemies while performing mission objectives. collect loot. mission done. Warframe is the best example of a free to play game and I implore you take heed of how Digital extremes does things, they are successful for a reason. EDFV is a great game that shows how you can OP characters fighting overwhelming amounts of enemies and create a fun, satisfying gameplay loop all about colecting loot to go into hartder difficulties.

    With a focus on PvE you could also create some rediculous but cool powers. you have the Giant mode cheat. what if you made that an actual power that let players stomp on group of enemies and actually Brawl with the likes of the Harbinger and other Kaiju style enemies. Imagine a warmaiden just trading blows with a Godzilla style monster or giant mecha whil another 3 players are blowing up large nu,bers of filth that will crawl all over the giantess like a swarm if they get the chance.

    The Moba approach is a dangerous Approach. this is one of the hardest genres to break into and unless you really innovate and bring something brand new, your attempt will be dead in the water.

    one way I could see there being something unique with a MOBA approach is to do away with Lanes, make open battlefields and make it a frontline pushing Battlefield (the FPS) style conquest. A.I soldiers are battling it out as if they are playing Battlefield and then the Warmaidens are basically there to be super weapons. So basically it plays like a cross between Battlefield and Overwatch with the MOBA element being A.I military.

    Another PvP aspect that could come from a horde hack and slash focused PvE would be kill competitions


    Thank you for all of your amazing suggestions and feedback! We will be sure to keep them in mind for our future development!

    – maidengaming

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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