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    So I have been playing the last few days and I must say this game is addictive. But I’m sure you don’t want my praise just yet so here is just a little feedback.

    1. Color-able guns. I know you can win skins and the skins for guns look amazing but I think it would be a cool feature to give us the option to custom color our guns. If that exists I haven’t found the option.
    2. Quicker shield potion. The more expensive shield potion takes way too long to drink. Just my opinion.
    3. I only have the basic gun but ammo for others. I can’t seem to have the ability to sell the ammo I don’t use. Am I missing something?

    So that’s all for now. Again I am really loving this game so far and look forward to seeing what else is next.


    First, Thank you so much for your kind words!!! Also thank you for your feedback in helping us to improve the game. Here are responses below.

    1 – We would love that option as well. Basically a base option to color your gun and then if you want to you can throw skins on top of that. Definitely a great idea we just ran out of time and couldn’t implement it. We will for sure look into this down the line.

    2 – There is a smaller potion that you can drink quickly. Balancing the time is tough because if the larger potion is too fast to drink it will become to easy for someone to get out of harms way, drink a large potion and get back into battle. But we will take a look back at the current time for the large potion.

    3 – There is no way to sell extra ammo. In our play testing we always used more ammo and never felt the need to sell it. But definitely an option to consider.

    Thanks again for your amazing feedback and we thank you for playing League of Maidens!

    – maidengaming

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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