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    Aqua Regia

    Here are some things I thought would be cool to add :

      Highlights and multicolored hair customization
      Grime & Dirt accumulation, so that players continue to get dirtier the more the roll around in the dirt or get bashed up. Could be cleaned up by going under water/swimming.
      Clothing/Armor Damage(temporary), getting beat up consecutively would lead to armor degradation and bits and pieces falling off(until you’re naked), this would be accompanied by decrease in defense. The damage would not be permanent(so no armor is lost) and you would respawn with armor after you die.
      Sexual Attacks like “fisting” after you knock down a naked opponent, it’s mainly to ensure that players don’t roam around naked, it also works like a kind of taunt, you could also add opponents who can take advantage of naked players by trapping them for a short while.
      Butt and Thigh Jiggle Physics in accordance to muscle mass


    All good points. I have a few questions about the “Sexual Attacks” though. Would you see the characters becoming naked after they’ve taken enough damage to strip them of their armour and then they are defeated and then violated in the middle of a battle? What would the assets that spawn in the lane with your characters be doing during this even as well? Would trapped the naked players also trap you as well? So you’d take out one of the enemy characters by also taking out your character? Seems like an even trade off. Do you have more thoughts on this?


    Thanks for the feedback. All great points except for you know… the fisting. There is no sex in this game.

    – maidengaming


    Aqua Regia

    That’s great!

    I’ve been checking out some MMOs while awaiting the open Alpha Key, and came up with some ideas to bounce off you guys.

    1) I was wondering how far along the Armor degradation/destruction had come, in most games items like armor get worn down depending on the times your character dies(Archeage) or every time you get beat up/attacked and an attack lands(Blade & Soul); you can always repair armor afterwards using tools or places within the game, and they don’t show the damage(there is no change in the visuals, which is a downer).

    Since I hope you have armor degradation/damage, corresponding with Overall Defense decrease(due to the armor being destroyed after getting attacked/dying within a match.) I was wondering how exactly you h=may implement it.

    Would the visual quality of the armor be tied into the HP(so you’d only be naked near death)
    Would the Armor get degraded by beaten up constantly in certain areas of the character’s body, which would permit a character to end up both naked(but with 0 Defense from the now non-existant armor) but with full HP
    Would the armor only degrade and disappear after dying many times(in this case damage to armor coud be carried over even outside certain Matches and could result in permanent loss[at least until the armor is fixed] of the armor; though doing this would require a method for repairing armor Outside the Arena Map.

    2) I love the costumes you guys have got so far, I’d suggest also looking up costumes from “Blade and Soul”(the Female Gor species have the hottest costumes) and “Scralet Blade Vendetta”(officially dead, but you can still play it on player run servers) for more inspiration

    Scarlet Blade(also a all female character game) had a unique RPG factor, in which instead of users playing AS the female characters, players had a commander-soldier relationship with their characters. You would still control the character with the same controls like in any other regular game, but your character would talk back to you, and speak to you from time to time, and NPCs would too.(the male user “Us” in game lore are commanders far away in a bunker somewhere commanding pretty cybernetically enhanced soldier girls on a battlefield.)
    It’s not really a major shift in any way, but it lets players have a relationship and some interaction with the characters they create and play with.

    3)One thing that disparaged me while playing these MMOs were all the invisible walls all over the Map.
    “Archeage” was better than the rest I played in it, that there were no invisible walls blocking of portions of the map, sure you couldn’t enter every building and unlike Minecraft maps were of fixed size, BUT all those barriers were natural and made sense, like large cliff followed by massive mountains, or the ocean etc.

    I haven’t had the chance to play League of Maidens yet, so I’m not sure what the maps are like, but I hope you guys make sure not to put needless invisible walls in the middle of the game where they aren’t required.

    Which brings me to another important feature, please have one of those “escape” controls on the menu, so that a player can respawn in the match if you get stuck somewhere in the map(like falling into an inescapable hole or somehow getting your character sandwiched between 2 buildings etc.

    This has happened to me before while playing other games and the “escape” option allowing me to respawn(without any negative effects) in a nearby open area has come in handy many times.

    4) Changing or removing clothing/armor during a match: will this is this an option, do players get to change their costume within the game? this’d be great, allowing players to switch armor(when not in active battle[not attacking or being attacked] to prevent players with a large wardrobe from getting away from Armor degradation) while in the Arena during a match.

    The ability to take off all clothes would also give players more freedom, but would come at the cost of having no defense from armor making you more likely to die, and as a result urge you to put something on(to prevent everybody from running around naked). Scarlet Blade was probably the Only MMO without censoring that allowed players to take off everything, but they had a paywall requiring you to buy an item to allow it, having inbuilt game mechanics to suppress everyone’s urge to have their character run around naked would be a good alternative.
    You can see Scarlet Blade to get an idea on how to permit full female nudity in an MMO while also keeping it classy.

    THANKS A TON for building this awesome Game, I can’t wait till I get to Play 🎮 😄
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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