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    Welcome to the official discussion forums! We are happy that you’ve stopped by to check us out. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are here and happy to answer! Until then, let the games begin!!! Below you will find a run down of the menu to the left so that you can navigate the website like a BOSS!!!

    1 – Beginners Guide & Strategies – New to the game and want to know how to get started? Here is a good place if your up for some reading. Learn about the basics of the settings and controls in League of Maidens and if your up for it read up on strategies offered up by some of our most seasoned players. Think you’ve got ideas on how to master gameplay and would like to offer up some advice? Please feel free to create a new post in this forum and tell us all about it!

    2 – Discussion & Feedback – Self explanatory. But it is worth mentioning, the game and the experience is so much more fun if you dive in head first. Read the books, play the game and post on the boards. Don’t be shy, go ahead and strike up a new discussion about anything pertaining to the game or the website. Also feel free to give us your feedback on the game and what you would like to see added or improved. We would love to hear from you.

    3 – Official Book Club Discussions – We want as many people reading the books and playing the game as possible so that we can all get together and talk about how awesome it is! Ok ok really, we would love to discuss the mythology and debate about what you believe is going on in the book and hearing everyone’s take on the story. So feel free to post in this forum to begin your discussions!

    4 – Recruit & Organize your Alliance – Looking to organize your Divinian or Netherian Alliance efforts? This is the best place to start. Use this forum to coordinate online and offline meetups to discuss the strategies that will win your alliance the war!

    5 – Share Motion Replay™ Videos – Motion Replay® is an awesome feature of League of Maidens® allowing players to step onto the battlefield with a professional film camera. Choose a lens and aperture then Start/Stop/Pause or even slow down the speed to capture that perfect moment. Even change the angle of the sun, the density of the clouds or the intensity of the rain. Don’t want to tinker with all of that? Let Motion Replay™ handle the specifics in A.I. camera mode. With so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless. Share your Motion Replay™ video creations by posting photos and YouTube links for fans to watch!

    6 – Share Create-A-Maiden (C.A.M) Blueprints – Sharing is caring! Created an awesome War Maiden using character configuration? Share your blueprints by posting them here! You can also post pictures of your war maidens as well. If we like the blueprint we may even include them in the official build!

    7 – Artwork (Official & Fan Subs) – This is where we will post concept and design images of upcoming characters. Feel free to check out this forum and give us your thoughts on the designs and let us know if you would like to see the characters in the official build! Have fan pictures of your favorite League of Maidens characters? Please feel free to post them here!

    8 – Report a Bug – Found a bug in the game? Post it in the Report a Bug forum with detailed repro steps so that we can reproduce it. 99% of the time if we can reproduce a bug we can get it fixed by the next build!

    9 – Help & Support – Having problems with the game installation or anything else for that matter? Feel free to contact us using the Help & Support link. We are happy to hear from you and help you with your issue.

    10 – Fund This Project – It goes without saying that if we are starving to death we can’t exactly afford to work on this game no matter how cool it is. With that said. Click this link to find out how you can help keep this amazing project going. Whether it is supporting us through making in game purchases or donating to us via any funding campaigns we want you to know that any help no matter how big or small counts and we most certainly appreciate it and we most certainly appreciate you! Please click this link to find out how you can support us!

    11 – Refer a Friend – More then anything we want as many people playing the game as possible. Even better is letting your friends know about this awesome new game that you found, right??? Well we’ve got just the thing for you. Refer a friend to play League of Maidens so that they can join in on the fun!

    12 – Read Our Video Posting Policy – Sometimes Youtube or any other video sharing site will give you crap about posting our gameplay videos. This is the palm to the face document or link that you should use if you ever run into that situation. We encourage you to make videos, post and share them on youtube as long as certain guidelines are followed. Please click this link to review the document and the guidelines and feel free to send this link to anyone that questions your ability to post videos of League of Maidens.

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