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Media/Press Kit

Are you a member of the press or media looking for information on League of Maidens? This page is a great place to start. Below you will find a factsheet with basic information about League of Maidens along with two links below which will allow you to download logos, screenshots and HD video footage which you are free to use. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.


Developer: Maiden Gaming Inc.

Location: Charlotte, NC USA

Founding date: March 14, 2014


Software: League of Maidens®
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)


Social Media:






As the Champions of the world fall a new threat emerges and it is up to the legends of tomorrow to stand up and fight for mankind's survival.

League of Maidens® is a FREE-TO-PLAY online action RPG game featuring beautiful maidens with guns and super powers by the 3-man indie studio Maiden Gaming. League of Maidens features a unique blend of 3rd person 360 degree land, sea and air movement with classic gun controls and action combat melee and super power mechanics. Not only can you battle it out on the battlefield or complete quests, CREATE.POSE.SHARE.QUEST.BATTLE mechanics allow players to spend 100s of hours playing League of Maidens.

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