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Thank you so much for your interest in playing League of Maidens! We at Maiden Gaming would like to welcome all new players with an open letter discussing our plans for the future for League of Maidens development. Continue below to read the full message and we thank you so much for playing League of Maidens!!!




We at Maiden Gaming want to stress that this game belongs to you! WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK OF WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS GAME!!!

Our goal at Maiden Gaming has always been to strive to become a studio that develops high quality games with sexy and beautiful women pushing the boundaries of what the mainstream deems acceptable when it comes to SEXY CONTENT IN VIDEO GAMES. If you are tired of the complaints about seeing beautiful and sexy women in your video games from a conservative minority that refuses to accept your right to make choices about the entertainment you wish to consume or you are tired of having to translate languages or install mods just to see half naked sexy women in your video games we ask that you PLEASE SUPPORT US IN MAKING THESE TYPES OF GAMES A REALITY! We have chosen to finance this game without investment because we believe in this project and this cause. If we can accomplish this much with practically no budget and only 3 developers imagine how much we can accomplish with a bigger team and a real budget!


We have the knowledge and the know how to create anything. Our only limitation is budget. We did not use Kickstarter because we wanted to put our money where our mouths are and show a product first before attempting to ask a community to support us. Now that we have reached this point WE NEED YOUR HELP! ANY PURCHASES NO MATTER HOW BIG OR HOW SMALL THAT YOU MAKE IN OUR COSTUME SHOP WILL HELP TO SUPPORT US TO CONTINUE ADDING CONTENT AND IMPROVEMENTS.

Also, we ask that you PLEASE SHARE THE NEWS ABOUT LEAGUE OF MAIDENS! It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR US TO GET THE WORD OUT! Post on message boards, forums, follow us on Twitter and retweet our tweets. Every like, every follow, every share counts!

If there is anything that you would like to see in this game or if you would like to join our growing community of amazing supporters please click the discord link on the desktop in-game or click the discord link under the social header at the top of our website after reading this message to join our community.

Our success or failure lies IN YOUR HANDS! YES... YOU! PLEASE HELP US to make this game a success by PURCHASING SOMETHING... ANYTHING FROM THE IN-GAME SHOP to support us. You can also sign up for our MAIDEN+ service which only costs $9.99 a month and gives amazing rewards for players and those that wish to support our development.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read this!

- Maiden Gaming

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